We are interested in solar energy, but how do we use it?

    The simplest and least expensive approach to using solar energy is going in for standalone solar street lights. It gives immediate lighting solutions in any given time. Solar Energy Street Lights help us to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy. At the point when there is the shortage of power and renewable energy in a few areas, solar energy is a well-suited propelled innovation that creates renewable energy. Solar energy Street Lights functions with the assistance of Solar Energy. They get charged amid the day when the sun is out and photocells help them to recognize sunset and get changed on from dusk to dawn. They are all around exposed on streets to the sun thus receiving solar energy is easy and simple. A few people have a wrong thought that only governments can afford to have solar street lights. This is a long way from reality as they are generally economical, with almost no maintenance cost, the running expense is also nil.

    In comparison to other lights, they save energy to an expansive degree which at long last appears in your yearly power bill. The solar street lights can be used at open parks and as a part of your private farm house or gardens. They will start showing light up after the dusk . The Power with which Solar Street Lights work may run from 20 to 200 Watts that can be served by lead-acid storage batteries.